Chris Packham blasts trolls on Springwatch after people spot 'massive blunder'

Chris Packham came out after rude trolls beat up Springwatch for a “massive mistake”.

It comes after fans of the show spotted a bug where they said horses were chewing on before people screamed about the bug on social media.

However, it appears that Chris Packham came out in response to the trolls on the last show.

“We have to admit a little mistake we made last week,” said Chris.

“We concluded in one of our films that horses ruminate and that they were ruminants.

“Well, we knew they weren’t, of course. That was an editing mishap when we changed the film.”

While apologizing, Chris also shared a special message for rude trolls. reports the sun.

“We love to be corrected and I will always raise my hand and say, ‘We got this wrong,'” he said.

“But we like to be corrected politely, keep that in mind.”

Viewers rushed to Twitter to praise Chris and his “brilliant” setback.

One person said, “Haha. Brilliant from @ChrisGPackham inviting the trolling fools to go to some dark place in a very polite way. #Springwatch @BBCSpringwatch”.

And another said: “Chris politely pulls the hashtag trolls <3 #Springwatch

Springwatch has a huge following, and while viewers watch the wildlife, they often get a dose of comedy from the show’s hosts too.


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