Chris Smith's decision to go to NBA or return to UCLA shrouded in uncertainty

If everything had gone as planned, Chris Smith could easily have avoided making a half-educated guess at best.

The UCLA junior guard is said to have displayed his emerging talents in the Pac-12 Conference tournament and NCAA tournament alongside the NBA draft combination and individual practice, giving him a strong sense of his status before deciding to participate participate in the NBA draft or return another season to college.

Now there is uncertainty on top of uncertainty.

Smith’s father, Sean, said on Monday that his son continued to weigh all the factors as the family discussed his basketball future, including the potential impact of a concept combination and individual workouts that could be canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While there has been no official announcement, it is widely believed that individual training sessions that normally begin in late April and the concept combination scheduled for May 21-24 in Chicago will be postponed or canceled.

“That certainly has an impact because this is unfamiliar territory for the NBA as a whole,” said Sean Smith, “but the whole process has not been mapped out for us as a family, so we’re just trying to make the best decision for him, or that now back to school or something. “

Smith, who was selected as the most improved player in the Pac-12 after a season in which he averaged a team-high of 13.1 points per game, is listed as a second-round choice on some fake design boards. His father said the family had not discussed a threshold that would determine whether to introduce the NBA concept or return to UCLA.

“We have not developed criteria that include that,” said Sean Smith. “But, I mean, it’s hard to even say that with the fact that you can’t train and things like that to try to adjust your position, so where it is now is where it is.”

A handful of factors can compel Smith to return to UCLA, including his development under coach Mick Cronin and the sudden end of a season in which the Bruins (19-12) won 11 of their last 14 games, making them a trendy choice well in the Pac-12 tournament and make the NCAA tournament after a record less than 500 in January.

Another good college season, culminating in a strong show in the NCAA tournament, would allow Smith to catapult the draw boards.

“We love Coach Cronin and his staff and how they helped him develop and they believe in him and they push him which is very important for my wife and I and it is also important for Chris to push him and to believe in him, “said Sean Smith.” And the fact that the team started yelling at the end of the year and had no opportunity to show what they thought they could do in the Pac-12 tournament and possibly in the NCAA tournament, there may be some unfinished business. “

Early entrants will have until April 26 to apply for the design and June 3 to withdraw their design consideration names and continue to be eligible for next season, although both dates may change if the design ends on June 25. June is scheduled at the Barclays Center in New York, pushed back.

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