Christmas welfare bonus to be paid to Universal Credit claimants

DWP to review 30,000 Universal Credit refusals after PIP claimant wins battle

Just in time for Christmas, thousands of beneficiaries receive a small amount of money.

DWP spokesman has confirmed to mirror money that the one-time payment of £ 10 will be made in December.

People who are already using at least a number of benefits receive additional money, from retirement credits to care allowances. And it’s tax free.

The £ 10 is typically paid to anyone who has benefits in the first full week of December and does not affect any other entitlements you may have.

This means that the additional payment will not increase your income, for example during a Universal Credit Assessment.

You can claim if you live in the UK, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, a country in the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland in the week that payment is due.

Here are the perks you need to claim in the first full week of December to automatically qualify:

  • Armed Forces Independence Payment
  • Attendance fee
  • Dependency
  • Constant attendance allowance (paid in the context of accidents at work or war pensions)
  • Contributory employment and support allowance (once the main stage of benefit has been entered after the first 13 weeks of entitlement)
  • Disabled Life Support
  • Incapacity benefit at the long-term rate
  • Industrial death benefit (for widows or widowers)
  • Mobility add-on
  • Pension loan – the guarantee element
  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • State pension (including old age pension)
  • Severe disability allowance (temporarily protected)
  • Unemployment supplement or allowance (paid in the context of accidents at work or war pensions)
  • War incapacity pension at the age of the state pension
  • War widow’s pension
  • Widowed mother’s allowance
  • Widowed Parents Allowance
  • Widow’s pension



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