Chrome brings innovation for the hearing impaired

Google Chrome today officially launched its new accessibility feature for web users. Now all video and audio in the desktop browser have live subtitle support.

Live captions first came into our lives with the Android Q mobile operating system. But this great feature was unfortunately limited to some Pixel and Samsung phones. It was recently announced that Instagram is working on a similar feature. The platform is preparing to add automatic captions to the Stories panel for the hearing impaired. Now Google Chrome has taken responsibility and finally opened that long-awaited feature to users.

It is now possible to read podcasts with Google Chrome!

Google is finally introducing that feature previously only available on Pixel phones, with its Chrome browser. Artificial intelligence that automatically prepares subtitles for all videos and sounds that do not support subtitles in the internet environment has started to serve. Accessibility function, prepared for users who are deaf or hard of hearing, is activated.

If you are wondering what the subtitle display will look like, you can check out the image below:

As you can see in the photo above, there is a portable window below a watched video or audio recording. The content you open will be vividly converted to subtitles here. The texts are delivered with a short delay after the speech. Converting content to text continues even if the content opened in the window is completely muted.

This feature currently works well with YouTube and Twitch videos open in the Google Chrome browser. It also serves with the same success on SoundCloud and Podcasts platforms. Perhaps it is thought that even a concept like ‘reading podcasts’ will come into our lives in the coming years. However, it is useful to warn of one thing, the subtitles are only transferred in English for the time being. However, it seems certain that the language options will increase soon.

How do I enable live captions in Chrome?

Live subtitles that came into our lives with the latest Chrome update can be activated quite easily. To do this, follow the steps below:

– Open the Chrome settings page.

– Type Accessibility in the search field at the top.

– Launch the Live Caption button from the popup window.

If you don’t see this option on the page that opens, don’t update your browser manually. Then you can start using subtitles however you want!

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