Chrome OS gets a built-in screen recorder

Chromebooks, which are generally gaining popularity with their cheap, durable, and secure structures, will have a built-in screen recorder. In addition, Chromebooks stand out as popular laptops used in schools due to this structure.

Google wants to make them even more student-friendly and has announced new features, along with a number of updates to its education-oriented products. In addition to the promising 40 new Chrome devices, the company is bringing accessibility improvements to the operating system and a built-in screen recorder.

Google wants to make Chromebooks more student-friendly

The screen recorder is available on all Chromebooks until March. This feature would make it easier for users to teach others how to do things.

While Google doesn’t share details on what the 40 new devices are, it noted that they are convertible and offer things like touchscreen, stylus support, dual cameras, and LTE connectivity.

Since there are many Chromebooks to choose from, the company has also launched a new guide for users to choose the right one for them.

In terms of accessibility improvements, Google states that the ChromeVox OS screen reader “has new features such as improved tutorials, the ability to search ChromeVox menus, and soft voice switching that automatically changes the screen reader’s voice based on the language of the text. “

The company also allows parents to add their children’s school accounts to their personal accounts managed with Family Link. This way, students can log in to their school accounts at home and use the apps and websites they need, while parents can manage device and app usage permissions.

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