Chrome Tests Continuous Desktop Site Option for Android

In Chrome in front of android, a website may not always be properly organized or provide the best viewing experience where you can get all the information you need. As a solution to this, Google has always had an option called “Desktop Site” in the “More” menu with three dots at the top of the browser, and with this option the website leaves its mobile design and looks like it’s on the desktop. If you’re using a tablet and prefer the desktop view over mobile, you’ll need to make this setting over and over in each new tab.

According to a screenshot shared by a Reddit user Leopeva64-2, the Chromium Repository shows that the Chrome developer team is preparing to introduce some kind of “Show Desktop Site By Default” option that can be applied consistently across all sites you visit. This feature is currently used by Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser, which recently made a similar transition, but as: Chrome implements, it may call it “Always Request Desktop System” or “Always Request Mobile Site”.

Chrome Tests Continuous Desktop Site Option for Android 1

With this feature, users will drastically reduce the amount of work they have to do to get a better experience on larger Android screens, so it would be a welcome change should this happen. Of course anything in development could be canceled before it’s released, but with something so important and similar plans made for it in the past, it’s likely that this will eventually be used in all stable releases in the process.

Depending on the changes made to the codes, this option is activated or deactivated in the “Site Settings” section. Our guess is that the option called “Desktop Site” in the three-dot “More” menu at the top of the browser will be removed. It is instead kept embedded in the “Always Request” option for more advanced or stable users.

Chrome Tests Continuous Desktop Site Option for Android 2

Changing the design of a website on our Android phones or smaller smart devices is a rare feature. Because now mobile designs can sometimes be even more effective than desktop design. Since many developers about this feature have difficulty using the tablet when they switch to mobile design by default, it seems to be a feature that could save the life of the user who Chrome on most of their tablets.

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