'Civilians killed' as bomb explodes during memorial prayers for Taliban official's mum

The explosion occurred near the entrance to the Eid Gah mosque. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said a number of civilians had died but no one had taken responsibility for the attack so far

Emergency NGO hospital said it treated four patients (

Image: AFP via Getty Images)

At least two civilians were killed in a bomb explosion near a mosque in the Afghan capital of Kabul this afternoon, the Taliban said.

The explosion occurred near the entrance to the Eid Gah mosque, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said on Twitter.

He wrote: “A bomb explosion this afternoon rocked a crowd of civilians near the entrance to the Eid Gah mosque in Kabul, killing a number of civilians.”

The explosion reportedly occurred during a prayer for Mujahid’s mother, who died last week.

So far, nobody has confessed to the attack, but since the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan in August, IS attacks have increased.

A bomb exploded in front of the Eid Gah mosque in Kabul


AFP via Getty Images)

The details behind today’s explosion were not immediately clear and Mujahid did not say exactly how many people died or were injured.

Qari Sayed Khosti, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry, told the AFP news agency: “Our initial information shows that two civilians were killed and three injured in the explosion.”

Al Jazeera The civilians killed in the attack were reportedly outside the mosque gate.

Eid Gah is the second largest mosque in Kabul and is considered the religious cardinal mosque in Afghanistan.

A Taliban fighter stands guard while Afghan medical personnel wait to meet the victims of the explosion


AFP via Getty Images)

Abdullah, a shopkeeper nearby, told AFP, “I heard the sound of an explosion near the Eid-Gah Mosque, followed by gunfire.”

He added that the Taliban blocked the road shortly before the explosion.

Ambulances carrying the wounded were driven towards the Kabul emergency hospital, and journalists at the scene said some people had arrived in blood-stained clothing.

The emergency NGO, an Italy-funded hospital, said on Twitter that it is treating four patients.

In August, the IS confessed to the explosions at the airport in Afghanistan, in which at least 72 people were killed.

At least 12 U.S. Marines were among the victims of the explosions, it has been confirmed, and more than 140 people were injured.

The city was struck by two explosions, one of which hit the Abbey Gate of Kabul Airport while the other hit the nearby Baron Hotel.

According to ISIS, the suicide bomber responsible for the Abbey Gate explosion was Abdul Rehman Al-Loghri of ISIS-K.

ISIS-K is the regional section of ISIS that operates in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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