Claim to Shake Markets: US President to Sign Cryptocurrency Law This Week

White House sources have announced that US President Joe Biden will be able to sign the cryptocurrency decree in a few days. This decree will authorize the Federal Reserve to work on the digital dollar. In addition, the crypto money strategy of the USA will be determined with this decree.

Cryptocurrencies, which have become the most talked-about investment tools in recent years, have proven their worth on a global scale. Almost all governments now work on cryptocurrencies and continue to work on digital currencies. In fact, Turkey has been working on the crypto money law for a while…

Let alone Turkey’s regulations regarding cryptocurrencies, this week is very important for the markets in general. Because US President Joe Biden will probably sign a very important decree this week. This decree will authorize the US Federal Reserve to work and evaluate digital money. According to White House sources, this decree is a move to create the official cryptocurrency of the USA.

The US’s crypto money strategy will be determined by this decree

The decree, which is expected to be signed by Joe Biden in a few days, is very important for the USA and other countries. Because with this decree, what will be the strategies of the USA regarding the crypto money markets will be determined. Other countries will likely follow in the footsteps of the US and regulations on cryptocurrencies will increase…

We can say that the time of the US crypto money decree is significant. Because the USA did not dwell on this issue until the Russia-Ukraine war came to the fore. Knowing that there are people who want to smuggle their money from Russia due to the war disturbed both Europe and the USA. It seems that the decree before Joe Biden may also contain details on this issue.

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