Cleo Smith: Dramatic moment missing girl, 4, rescued in police raid on stranger's home

Western Australia Police released footage of the moment four-year-old Cleo Smith, who had been missing for two weeks, was rescued from a house in Carnarvon, Australia

Cleo Smith: Missing four-year-old found by WA police

The dramatic moment a missing four-year-old girl was rescued after a huge police search was posted on social media.

In the footage, labeled “The Moment Cleo Was Saved” by the Western Australia Police, little Cleo Smith is seen in the arms of an officer who is being brought to safety.

Another officer then speaks to the child, who appears calm and nods his head.

The first words of the missing four-year-old when she was miraculously found “alive and well” by the police were: “My name is Cleo”.

The child disappeared from a campsite in Australia more than a fortnight ago before being dramatically rescued from a house in Carnarvon, Australia.

The footage was posted on social media


WA_Police / Twitter)

Her parents feared the worst when she went missing on October 16 in a location north of Perth.

But the police were happy to announce that little Cleo was found safe and sound.

Her relieved mother Ellie Smith said on Instagram: “Our family is whole again.”

Cleo’s disappearance had sparked a frantic search that ended when officers broke into a house and found Cleo in one of the rooms.

It had followed a massive search for the child


WA_Police / Twitter)

Police said a man was arrested after the raid at 1 a.m. at an address in Carnarvon, just under 80 kilometers from the campsite.

Detectives had previously said they believed Cleo had been kidnapped.

Deputy Commissioner Col Blanch said: “It is an honor to announce that the police of Western Australia rescued Cleo Smith early in the morning. Cleo is safe and sound.

A picture of her recovery at the hospital was also posted



“One of the officers took her in his arms and asked her, ‘What’s your name?’ She said, ‘My name is Cleo.’ “

A short time later, the police were able to reunite Cleo with her family.

A picture was also posted of her recovering in the hospital, where she smiled, waved, and clutched an ice lolly in a hospital bed.

It was posted on Facebook by the Australian police with the headline: “The miracle we have all hoped for.”

She is now home with her family after the horror ordeal that resulted in a massive search.

Detective Sergeant Blaine was one of four police officers who entered the room where Cleo was found.

“It was a shock from the start,” he said the moment he saw her safe and sound.

“Quickly followed by exhilaration. It could have been anyone on the team, but it turned out I was one of four guys lucky enough to walk through that door and make this rescue.”

“We had always hoped for this result, but we weren’t prepared for it, but it was absolutely fantastic to see her sitting the way she was. It was incredible.”

He said it was “wonderful” to be able to call Cleo’s parents to tell them the good news.

The young girl had disappeared from her bed


The story was a great story in Australia and public figures expressed their applause that the young girl was found.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison tweeted it was “wonderful, exonerating news.”

Commissioner Dawson said: “I think Australia is happy.”

“To find a little girl after 18 days – a vulnerable little girl. You know, people obviously think the worst, but most of all hope has never been lost, ”he added.

When Cleo went missing on October 16, she was at Quobba Blowholes campsite on the first night of her vacation.

The remote location is 560 miles north of Perth and is known for its sea caves and lagoons.

Cleo had gone to bed in a tent for the night on an air mattress next to her sister’s cot.

When her mother woke up the next day, the young girl was gone and the tent door was open.

Ms. Smith insisted that her daughter could not have left the tent alone, which immediately raised fears that she had been abducted.

A task force of 100 officers was dispatched from the state capital, Perth, to join a massive air, land and sea search.

A huge search was launched to find Cleo



As planes searched out of the sky, a reward worth the equivalent of £ 540,000 drew bounty hunters from across the country.

Deputy Commissioner Blanch said finding the information that led them to Cleo was like finding a “needle in a haystack”.

“Last night they found the needle that brought them to this address and saved Cleo,” he told Network Seven.

The police said it was information about a car but did not want to elaborate on it.

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