Clever dogs able to remember names of a dozen toys in one week

While many people have forgotten the name of someone they just met, “gifted” dogs can remember the names of new toys two months later, researchers have found.

Scientists studied the ability of six intelligent collies identified through the Genius Dog Challenge to learn the names of toys.

They found that most of the talented dogs learned 12 new toy names in a week and remembered them for two months.

The researchers suggested that these dogs are “a powerful model for studying the mental mechanisms involved in word acquisition in a” non-human. ”

Shany Dror, senior researcher from the Family Dog Project at Eotvos Lorand University in Hungary, said, “We know that dogs can easily learn words associated with actions like ‘sit’ or ‘down’. But very few dogs can learn names from objects.

“For over two years we searched around the world for dogs who knew the names of their toys and found six.”

The dogs – Max from Hungary, Gaia from Brazil, Nalani from the Netherlands, Squall from America, Whiskey from Norway and Rico from Spain – all qualified for participation in the challenge.

To do this, the animals had to prove that they knew the names of more than 28 toys, some of them more than 100.

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