'Climate crisis is happening now – miss this chance and history will never forgive us'

Future generations will never forgive the leaders of the world who meet in Glasgow for the UN’s Cop 26 conference if they fail – this generation will be forever doomed by history

The planet will slowly die if we don’t do anything (

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Torrential rain, raw sewage that floods houses and cars that have been washed away by the torrent … the climate crisis is happening here and it’s happening right now.

From London to Scotland to Cumbria and many other places in between, the environmental emergency that is devastating our planet hits everywhere people live.

Nobody is protected with a free pass.

Future generations will never forgive the world leaders meeting in Glasgow for the Cop 26 conference if they fail to seize this unique opportunity to avoid potentially millions more deaths each year.

The threats are diverse and terrifying: rising sea levels, melting ice, floods, droughts, cyclones and infernos – a disaster of unbearably high and low temperatures.

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The omens are not promising. China’s Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin are not only staying away, they are refusing to commit to a 2050 target to decarbonize their countries’ economies and reduce harmful emissions to zero.

Instead, both set 2060 as a delayed target.

Still, we must never give up hope in pursuit of a breakthrough.

With stakes this high, the catastrophic cost of failure is ruinously priceless

The ignorant and cowardly who pretend we can’t afford to go green defy reality.

The really dire consequences of the continued pollution of our only home are visible to all. We lack another planet to inhabit.

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Destroying it, destroying the environment, destroying species, destroying nations and poisoning the air is a kamikaze ruthlessness that will end in tears, poverty and death.

Miss this chance and the next one, whenever it comes, can just be too late. Scientists everywhere recognize that when the planet hits or exceeds a 1.5 ° C rise above pre-industrial levels, Hell will be unleashed.

Here at the Daily Mirror, we have an obligation to report factually and tell the truth against the power of interest groups who for decades have falsely and deleteriously denied that climate change was man-made.

Nor do we have time for greenwashers, who stand up for the cause and lack the will and courage to make difficult decisions.

What is needed now to save the world is a fast-paced imagination and a great vision.

Confidence is not inspired by a Boris Johnson who built his career on clumsy showboating rather than diplomatic skill.

Or from Alok Sharma, a mediocre former economics minister who, after being appointed president of the Cop 26 conference, set a bad example by enjoying regular flights.

But we stand ready for this conference to be successful for our sake.

If it is a flop, history will doom us.

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