Clyburn facing potential $5,000 metal detector fine

Several House Republicans were fined $ 5,000, including a GOP member who also left the chamber to use the same nearby bathroom. If Clyburn is not ultimately fined, it could create a huge problem in the chamber as Republicans are likely to question why they were fined, but not Clyburn. House Republicans voted against the fines in February.

Clyburn entered the floor of the house Tuesday through an entrance facing the Capitol rotunda. According to a source familiar with the matter, he was surrounded by security guards who discovered he had then voted before going through another door into the bathroom, which is outside the house speaker’s lobby. As he left the bathroom, Clyburn went to his Capitol Police who spoke to the officer at the magnetometer in the speaker’s lobby. They walked around the metal detector to return to the floor of the house, the source said.

Clyburn did not refuse orders, according to the source, and he had gone through security less than 10 minutes before returning to the chamber.

Clyburn’s office denied the way a police referral described the incident. It is unclear what exactly the police transfer account said.

“Congressman Clyburn respects the Chamber’s rules and denies characterizing this incident,” a Clyburn spokesman said in a statement.

House Democrats, including Clyburn, voted in February to impose fines on members who evaded metal detectors. A first time violation is $ 5,000 deducted from a member’s salary and a second violation is $ 10,000.

The details of Clyburn’s avoidance of the detectors are similar to those of GOP MP Louie Gohmert, Texas, who tried unsuccessfully to appeal the February 5th Blodgett fine. The House Ethics Committee announced in late March that a majority of the panel had decided to uphold the fine imposed on him.

However, there is a difference between the two incidents. Clyburn was not asked to go through a metal detector again, according to the source, while Gohmert, a simple member, was asked again to go through the security clearance and declined.

“The officer said I needed to be hiked but since I had already gone through the metal detector thoroughly and never had to hike after properly stepping into the ground, I returned to the floor of the house for my turn to bring to debate. ” considered the bill, “Gohmert wrote in his calling he told of his return from the bathroom to the floor of the house.

Gohmert went through security like Clyburn before leaving to go to the bathroom from the floor of the house.

“I did all of this to get on the floor of the house. Also, there was no note of the requirement change that once all the requirements were met and the floor of the house was entered, when I returned from the toilet I had to be a few feet from the speaker’s lobby where there was no metal Detectors, ”he argued.

On the same day as Clyburn’s incident, the House Ethics Committee announced that Rep. Hal Rogers (R-Ky.) Would be fined $ 5,000 for skipping the “full security clearance” a week earlier to get on Floor of the house.

According to the transfer from Capitol Police, Rogers set off the metal detector but continued into the chamber when an officer cast a spell on him and said to the officers, “Maybe I have to vote later.” He later came back to complete the screening after voting and asked the officer what he should do now. The officer told him to complete the security clearance before voting, not after.

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