Codemasters Shared New Screenshots of the Excited Dirt 5

Codemasters Shared New Screenshots of the Excited Dirt 5

The Codemasters team shared new screenshots from Dirt 5, which racing game enthusiasts have been waiting for a while. The screenshots shared by Codemasters are enough to reveal what Dirt 5 has to offer.

Codemasters, one of the first video game companies that come to mind when it comes to racing games, is currently working on the new member of the popular racing game series Dirt. The company even announced the release date for this new game, which he recently called “Dirt 5”. According to the statements made, Dirt 5 will meet gamers in October.

Racing gamers already love the Dirt series. Dirt 5 is the kind that will make you forget all the racing games you have played so far. Because this game can be played at 120 Hz in 4K resolution. The game, which will also have a system called Smart Deliver, will offer different visual quality on different platforms thanks to this system. Now, the company has come up with new screenshots that will allow us to better understand what Dirt 5 has to offer.

The Dirt series is indispensable, especially for players who love off-road racing. This will continue in Dirt 5, and players will be able to go all over the world to demonstrate their skills in off-road racing. There will be more than 130 events in the game, which will include 9 race types, and players will be able to experience all the challenges of off-road racing.

One of the most impressive aspects of Dirt 5 will be the renewed career mode. In this mode, players will try to be the best racer on the one hand and find a sponsor and earn money through these sponsors. In addition, players will be involved in various events in career mode, and with these events they will have the opportunity to move their racing career to a much better point.

Dirt 5 has been available as a pre-order on various game platforms for a while. For example, if you want to play this game on Steam and play it on your computer, you have to pay 92 TL. Speaking of Steam; One of the curious points of the game is the system requirements. However, we cannot say anything about this at the moment because the Codemasters team has not disclosed Dirt 5’s system requirements for now.


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