college students in Alabama have been throwing coronavirus parties

college students in Alabama have been throwing coronavirus parties

College students in Alabama have been throwing coronavirus parties in which the purpose is to find out who’ll get infected with the virus .
City officials at Tuscaloosa, Alabama, affirmed the presence of those parties earlier in the week.
The amount of coronavirus cases in Alabama has been rising steadily since early June.
Groups of college students in Alabama are throwing coronavirus parties and taking bets as to who can test positive for COVID-19 first. The story can be easily disregarded as “fake news” but has been verified by many Tuscaloosa city officials.

Money contribution for corona positives-

As detailed in a jaw-dropping report from ABC News, students in Tuscaloosa threw parties where attendees place money into a pot. The pot was subsequently designated for whichever pupil tested positive for the coronavirus first. What’s more, the report details that students who were already COVID-19 positive were encouraged as to boost the odds partygoers would contract the virus.

“We thought that was a rumor at first,” Tuscaloosa Fire Chief Randy Smith explained while appearing at a town council meeting earlier this week. “We did a little research. Not merely do the doctors’ offices confirm it, but the state verified they also had exactly the same information.

Even though college-age pupils aren’t likely to experience acute coronavirus symptoms, even asymptomatic carriers may transmit it to other people. A pupil who intentionally attempts to get the coronavirus is placing his parents and a lot of his social group at risk for infection. The entire story appears beyond belief, but then again, college students with an eye on partying aren’t exactly well-known for their excellent ideas.

“We have set up strict rules about on-campus activities and will apply them . We will continue to follow up on any information we receive and educate our students about essential precautions.”

Feb The New York Times, the number of coronavirus instances in Alabama has been rising steadily across the state in most counties. Following a noticeable decline in late May and early June, the amount of new coronavirus instances dropped in mid-June. On June 29, Alabama reported 1,734 new cases, a figure that’s nearly triple the state’s daily average during May


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