Combat medics on standby to help deliver Covid vaccine

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said up to 250 teams of combat medics could be provided to help roll out the Covid-19 vaccine across the country.

Speaking to Times Radio, Wallace said, “We have already enrolled 133 (army medics) on the full vaccine task force, but I also have plans for up to 250 teams of mobile, medically trained workers who can go out and administer the vaccine across the country .

“That would be over 100,000 a day that they could potentially deliver if requested by the NHS – and we plan to expand that if possible.”

Mr Wallace said most of the military doctors are already working in the NHS but hundreds of combat medics are available to help with the Covid-19 response.

“What people need to understand is that many of our clinicians in the armed forces are also clinicians in the NHS, so they are often military reservists.

“It’s not that easy to just take a whole bunch of people who might be anesthetists in the armed forces, for example, and just bring them to the NHS.”

“You will likely find that you are already a reserve in the NHS.”

Mr. Wallace said, “When it comes to combat medics, we are training a number of people to be combat medics, support front line units, and so on.

“They can give injections, and those are the people we would provide to increase the delivery of this vaccine once the vaccine supplies go online.”


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