Comedian John Bishop's devastating split from wife of decades and the happy ending that followed

Popular comedian John Bishop shared the heartbreak he went through when he split up with his longtime wife and admitted that he “couldn’t stop the tears”.

John spoke about what happened in 2014 when he talked about breaking up with Mrs. Melanie, whom he married in 1993. Wales Online betrays.

John, who hosted his self-titled John Bishop show on ITV Saturday night, told The Mirror: “There hasn’t been a major fight or reveal about anyone else.

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“We just broke up. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that we had three children so quickly.

“For six years there was always someone in the house in diapers. Our marriage has just faded.

“You realize that the person you wanted to spend your life with doesn’t want to be with you anymore, or with him. Suddenly it felt like walking through the house with tacks in your shoes. “

But after they split up, describing struggling with the idea that Melanie would one day meet another man, he said, “The realization cut me in half. I couldn’t stop the tears as I tried to put the guys on rubber boots. No man wants to cry in front of his sons, but it’s worse when you don’t know why you’re doing it. “

While they were separated and it was Melanie’s turn to look after her three sons, Bishop said he would “have a bottle of wine” and watch TV during the day.

He said, “I drowned out the pain of the only person I really loved who didn’t want me anymore.”

And luckily there was a very happy ending because John and Melanie got back together and are still together.

It happened because she was going to a comedy club to find John telling jokes about killing her and keeping her head in the refrigerator because he “knew I would miss her”.

He said, “We met after the show and she said seeing me up there, she reminded me like before. When I was having a good laugh.”

John and Melanie are happily married after almost 30 years and live on a farm in rural Cheshire.

On her 27th wedding anniversary, John shared a video of Melanie wearing her wedding dress and dancing in her garden and said, “Every year she puts on her wedding dress and spins in the garden and every year I get a little fatter and wonder , where? the years passed.

“The first time I saw Melanie, I knew she was the only one for me, and it still feels a little like that now,” he said.

After their wedding in 1993, John and Melanie welcomed their eldest son, Joe, the following year.

Luke was born in 1996, followed by Daniel in 1998.

Dedicated family man John has spoken publicly about his three boys on several occasions and delivered a powerful speech at the 2018 LGBT Awards that earned him a standing ovation.

John, named Ally of the Year at the ceremony, told the audience, “I was thrilled to be nominated. I brought my whole family, my wife and three sons, whom I love and of whom I am very proud.

“Like all parents, we have problems with them. One of my sons has a tattoo on his ankle that should be Africa, but what Australia looks like, one of my sons is mumbling and one of my sons is a gay man.

“I’ll be honest, there have been many nights where my wife and myself were put on and worried and worried and worried. What should we do if he doesn’t stop muttering? “

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