Concern for Prince Charles after he's spotted with swollen 'sausage fingers'

Prince Charles was photographed with swollen hands and fingers on the first day of his trip to India.

The Prince of Wales often suffers from the reaction, especially in hot climates.

He previously joked that he had “sausage fingers” when he traveled to Australia in 2012 for a tour.

Shocked fans of the prince took to Twitter after wondering what was wrong with Charles reported Gloucestershire Live.

One fan tweeted, “I never noticed Prince Charles’s hands until this photo! Is he okay? Oh my god, they’re so swollen.”

For many people, swollen hands and feet are a negative for long flights.

According to the NHS, swollen fingers can be caused by a buildup of fluid called edema.

The NHS website states that this is usually caused by someone staying in the same position for too long.

Alternatively, you may eat too much salty food, be overweight, be pregnant, and take certain medications.

Sudden changes in temperature are also listed, so this could well be the case with the future king.

The prince will celebrate his 71st birthday in Mumbai on Thursday and will spend the day attending a meeting on sustainability.

From Sunday he will travel to New Zealand with his wife Camilla and also undertake solo trips to the Solomon Islands and Tuvalu.


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