Congress gives hospitals $100B they demanded in coronavirus package

Financing, one of the last sticking points in high-stakes talks that spanned five days, is a huge asset for hospital lobbies who recently asked for a bailout fund to offset the huge loss in revenue from canceling lucrative election operations by flooding major costs of Covid-19 patients who need critical care. Some rural hospitals and hospitals with a safety net have already warned of their ability to do payslips after failing to cancel emergency procedures.

The American Hospital Association, along with the American Medical Association and the American Nurses Association, asked for $ 100 billion at the end of last week, while nonprofit hospitals claimed more than double the amount.

HHS declined to comment on discussions about how the department plans to distribute the funds. However, once Congress has approved the incentive, possibly on Wednesday, the lobby struggle is likely to shift to the executive.

Provider lobbyists have moved the needle considerably in financing discussions in the past few days.

In their first plan, released last week, the Senate Republicans omitted any direct funding and instead called for a 2 percent cut in Medicare rates to be suspended from the current sequester, while at the same time reducing Medicare payments for treatment with Covid 19 increase by 15 percent. They later proposed a $ 75 billion grant and other direct funding to the House Speaker in a modified package over the weekend Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) Countered her on Monday own stimulus package that increased the number to $ 100 billion.

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Senate Democrats led by Schumer, who is closely linked to his state’s hospitals, had been looking for even more – closer to the $ 225 billion raised by the Federation of American Hospitals, a nonprofit hospital lobby. Schumer claimed Wednesday’s compromise had increased hospital funding by $ 55 billion over the Senate’s previous GOP proposal.

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