Connection Of Coffee And Pregnancy: If Pregnant Women Drink Half A Cup Of Coffee A Day, Then The Size Of The Baby May Be Small, know Why This Happens.

If you drink half a cup of coffee a day during pregnancy, the baby can be born small in size. This claim has been made by American scientists in their recent research. According to research, there is a risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes in the future if the child is small at birth.

This is how the investigation took place

Researchers included women from more than 2,000 different countries in the study. This research was done in 12 different places. Pregnant women aged 8 to 13 weeks had signed up to participate in the study. All these women were non-smokers and did not have any disease before pregnancy.

Find out why this is

Researchers say the effect of caffeine causes the uterus and umbilical cord to shrink. This can reduce blood flow to the child in the womb. As a result, it can have an impact on its growth.

Not only this, but it also carries the risk of hormonal disorders and that child could also face obesity in the future.

Stay away from caffeine and energy drinks

Researchers have advised pregnant women not to consume caffeine items such as tea coffee and energy drinks during pregnancy. At the same time, says the NHS health agency, pregnant women should not take more than 200 ml of caffeine.

Need to reduce caffeine intake

It’s necessary to cut back on caffeine drinks during pregnancy, says researcher Catherine Grentz of the National Institute of Child Health and Development. If you are pregnant, ask the doctor how much caffeine you should be taking.

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