Conservative ads use Ginsburg’s words to argue for replacing her quickly

Conservative ads use Ginsburg’s words to argue for replacing her quickly

The spot then cuts to Ginsburg and says, “The president is elected for four years, not three years.”

“So the power he has in the third year continues into the fourth year,” she adds.

The ad is part of a wider Republican television campaign that will intensify after President Donald Trump announced his nominee for court on Saturday. Several conservative groups, including the Judicial Action Network and the Club for Growth, have pledged to spend millions of dollars on Trump’s election. Republican strategists estimate they can invest up to $ 35 million.

Democrats have also announced plans to spend millions on opposition to the candidate. Air war is accelerating just before next week’s presidential debate, which is expected to be a topic of discussion on the Supreme Court.

The Super PAC arm of the 45 committee, Future45, will also a commercially Emphasizing the remarks Joe Biden made as Vice President in 2016, pleading with the Republican-controlled Senate to give Obama Supreme Court candidate Merrick Garland an up or down vote.

Future45 was one of Trump’s biggest outside supporters in the 2016 election. The group received most of its funding from Las Vegas casino mogul Sheldon Adelson and his wife Miriam. Joe Ricketts, the founder of TD Ameritrade, was also a major donor to the group.

The two groups are ready to spend seven numbers on the broadcasting of the commercials nationally, the organizers say. The spots will run for at least a week.

Brian Baker, President of the 45 Committee, said in a statement: “Liberal groups are beating the Senate with disinformation about the Supreme Court. For this debate, the two most authoritative sources are Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Vice President Joe Biden, who both recently endorsed President Trump’s authority to appoint a judge at the time and urged the U.S. Senate to consider his candidate to pull. “


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