Convicted murderer who beat wife and tore her eyelashes out avoids jail

Marius Rucinskas has already served a 15-year prison sentence after being convicted of murder in 2000. Despite a horrific attack on his wife in which he tore out clumps of her hair and tried to suffocate her, he will not go back to prison

The convicted murderer Marius Rucinskas beat his wife and pulled out her eyelashes (

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A convicted murderer who assaulted his wife in a horrific attack after a New Year’s Eve party escaped prison.

Marius Rucinskas, 42, repeatedly beat his wife Renata Rucinskeine, tore out clumps of hair and pulled off her eyelash extensions in the early hours of New Year’s Day last year at her home in County Cork, Ireland.

He had previously been sentenced to 15 years in prison for a premeditated murder and released in 2015 Irish Mirror reports.

Garda Laura O’Sullivan told the Cork Circuit Criminal Court that Rucinskas had been drinking since noon on the day of the crime.

His wife came home from work around 5 p.m. and that evening they had a couple of friends for the New Year celebrations where they drank beer and Jameson whiskey.

After their friends left, an argument broke out between Rucinskas and his wife, Garda O’Sullivan said.

He claimed that his wife didn’t fully appreciate gifts he’d bought her for Christmas.

Garda O’Sullivan said Rukinkas assaulted his wife multiple times over the next two to three hours.

The court heard that he attacked his wife by kicking and beating her in the kitchen and then following her upstairs.

She tried to hide in an upstairs bedroom to avoid further injury.

Garda O’Sullivan said: “Renata defended herself with her legs and managed to remove Marius’ hands from her face.

“Marius then knocked Renata’s head off a table and pulled her onto the bed.”

Garda O’Sullivan said Rucinskas pressed his wife’s face down on a bed and pushed it into the mattress so far that she was in danger of suffocating.

She continued, “Marius twisted her head and started pushing her head into bed – he started choking Renata and her face went red. Renata didn’t move for a few seconds before Marius asked her for money. “

On January 1st, shortly after 5.15 a.m., Gardaí received an emergency call in Bantry. When they tried to call the number back, the phone appeared to be dead.

They later found that the defendant had destroyed several phones, laptops, and the television in the house. He kept telling his wife how ungrateful she was for the gifts he’d bought her.

Garda O’Sullivan said Rucinskas tried to tear off his wife’s eyelash extensions. He told her that he would stay out of her life if he got 2,000 euros from her the next day.

She said when Gardaí got to the scene, Renata was in a desperate state and her hair was falling out in tufts.

Garda O’Sullivan also noted that half of the woman’s eyelash extensions had been pulled out on her left eye.

The court found that the defendant had a number of previous convictions in his native Lithuania, including a 15-year prison sentence imposed in 2000 for premeditated murder and a false indictment.

The injured party declined to make a statement on the victim’s impact.

Rucinskas had previously been held in custody for over a year in connection with the incident until he was released in February of that year. At that point he moved to Cork. On that occasion he was ordered to stay away from Castletownbere.

Defense attorney Dermot Sheehan, SC, said today that his client obeyed the court on this matter.

Judge Sean Ó Donnabháin said this was a volatile situation that occurred after consuming a lot of alcohol.

“It was a violent attack that lasted for a while and caused great distress to the people in the house,” he continued.

He said he accepted that Rucinskas had stayed out of Castletownbere while admitting that he was a hard working man who was employed in a “difficult work environment”.

Based on the year Rucinskas spent in pre-trial detention in connection with the crime, the judge imposed an 18-month suspended sentence for three years on the condition that the defendant was habitually resident in or near Castletownbere.

Rucinskas was also instructed not to have contact with the victim, to keep the peace, and to behave decently.

The judge said that “drink or not drink” was “very difficult to understand”.


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