Cops seize hungry driver's car at McDonald's drive-thru

Eagle-eyed police officers showed up to seize a hungry customer’s car as he queued for a McDonald’s drive-through.

The man was unaware of the fact that the police noticed something suspicious about his vehicle and were carrying out checks.

They revealed that the Toyota wasn’t taxed while the driver – a Stoke-on-Trent man in his thirties – didn’t have a valid license or insurance.

The vehicle was then confiscated and the man had to pay a hefty fee to get it back.

Photos sent in StokeonTrentLive Show the police car in the parking lot.

A Staffordshire police spokesman said: “Officials discovered an uninsured vehicle yesterday (January 27th) at around 4:45 pm at McDonald’s restaurant on Talke Road in Chesterton, Newcastle.

“The Toyota vehicle also had no taxes, while the driver – a man in his thirties from Stoke-on-Trent – also had no valid driver’s license and was not mentioned as a driver in the vehicle insurance.

“It was confiscated and the process of recovering the vehicle was explained to the driver.”

It is not known if the man got his takeout meal before finding alternative transportation to get home.


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