Coronavirus crashes the Wisconsin primary

Wisconsin officials, including Evers, have largely refused to postpone the April 7 elections because the presidential primaries between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are not the only vote taking place next week. Wisconsin also regularly plans spring elections for critical state and local offices, including the Supreme Court and the Mayor of Milwaukee, the state’s largest city.

With Americans using social distancing to slow the spread of the coronavirus, nearly 60 percent of Wisconsin communities report a lack of election workers. According to a report on Tuesday by the administrator of the Wisconsin Elections Commission. More than 100 judicial authorities indicated that they currently cannot even occupy a voting post.

The state election commission authorized local employees to “consolidate polling stations due to a lack of election inspectors”.

However, the commission informed local administrators that “they cannot rule out the possibility of voting on election day, at least without an order from a state or local health official,” said another memo by Meagan Wolfe, the commission’s administrator. As a result, bipartisan politicians in Wisconsin have strongly encouraged voters to request postal voting for weeks to keep engagement high and keep voters at home.

By Tuesday morning, over 972,000 voters across Wisconsin had requested postal voting. That is a record for Wisconsin, Wolfe said at a commission meeting on Tuesday, and well over the 250,000 absentee votes cast in the 2016 primaries – but far below turnout this year, when around 2.1 million people voted.

Joe Biden’s campaign has adapted to the new abnormality in Wisconsin by using SMS and social media to get voters to cast their absentee votes. Biden, relying on his large network of state and local endorsements in the state, held a tele-town hall with faith leaders organized by the campaign’s co-chair, Rep. Cedric Richmond, to assist black voters, Biden’s base maximize.

Until Coronavirus shut it down, Biden’s campaign expected to continue the momentum he showed in March when he defeated Bernie Sanders in six states that the Vermont Senator won in 2016 and a huge win in Wisconsin that Sanders defeated for four years Hillary Clinton previously contributed 13 percentage points.

Evers called last week to send each voter a postal vote. But election officials said they did didn’t have the supplies for it, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported, and Republican lawmakers opposed the request, calling it logistically impossible.

“His last-minute postal voting plan is logistically impossible and incredibly flawed,” said Republican Robin Vos, spokesman for the state house. said in a statement on Friday. “In fact, other states are saying that it is impossible to do this, especially two weeks before the election, with countless staff, post, and security considerations. Our local employees are already running out of ballots and supplies.”

Postal ballot papers can be requested until April 2nd.

The difficulties have created a Handful of lawsuitsSome want to postpone the election, others want to relax the demands on Wisconsin choices. Progressive groups from SEIU through Souls to the Polls are calling for electoral extensions to be extended, citing voters’ uncertainty as to whether polling stations are open and concerns about access to early voting. For example, in parts of Milwaukee, early voting was open and then closed – and then reopened with transit availability, while other polling stations in the suburbs allowed for early personal voting without interruption.

U.S. District Judge William Conley consolidated three of the cases over the weekend, saying the court will hold a hearing “via video conference, phone, or maybe for a limited number of people in person” on Wednesday, if necessary.

Some state election officials warn of dire consequences if next week’s elections take place as planned.

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