Coronavirus daily UK cases rise by 3,330 – biggest rise since May

Latest coronavirus death toll as 72 more die in hospitals

The number of daily coronavirus cases has risen in the biggest Sunday increase since mid-May, figures have revealed.

Statistics for Covid have risen by 3,330 in the last 24 hours, according to the latest data on Sunday, September 13.

New infections continued to surge on the eve of tightening lockdown rules in England tomorrow, the Mirror reported.

The restrictions will mean people across the country cannot socialise in groups of more than six.

It will become illegal to met up in groups bigger than six from tomorrow in homes, outside or in venues, in a government bid to curb spiking infections.

Fines can be issued to anyone found flouting the rules, starting at £100, and capped at £3,200 for repeat offending.

And it comes as Birmingham, Sandwell and Solihull brace themselves for new local rules to ban mixing of households in houses and gardens.

However schools, and businesses where people mingle like shops, pubs, cafes, restaurants will remain open – people just won’t be able to meet in groups larger than six there.

The government is under fire as its test and trace scheme hits hurdles, with people around the UK struggling to access tests.

It is also facing an outcry over children being included in the ‘rule of six’ law – as some complain the law-change will be tricky for larger families to accommodate.

That’s despite concerns the ‘R’: has now moved above 1 in the UK, and daily cases surging above 3,000 a day this week – for the first time since early May.

The ‘R’ is used to measure the transmission rate of the virus, calculating how many people each person infected with Covid-19 is likely to spread it to.

Today’s new cases included 2,837 in England, 244 in Scotland, 162 in Wales, and 87 in Northern Ireland.



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