Coronavirus: How to get an NHS Covid Pass without a smartphone, tablet or computer

With England sticking to the Plan B restrictions for at least a few more weeks, going to large venues will still come with a restriction.

To get to a point of sale that supplies a large number of people, you will need to provide evidence of your vaccination status or a recent negative test.

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You can easily prove your vaccination status if you have received either two doses or one dose of the Janssen vaccination and you can check them with your details in the NHSCovid Pass app.

But not everyone has access to a smartphone, tablet, or computer to get the details. So how can you get an NHS Covid Pass if you don’t? This is what we know.

Coronavirus: How to get an NHS Covid Pass without a smartphone, tablet or computer

In addition to the option of receiving an NHS Covid Pass with your smartphone in the NHS Covid Pass app or with your computer or tablet via the NHS Covid Pass online service, there is another option of receiving a document with your vaccination status.

An NHS Covid Pass letter is the other way to show your jab record if you’re required to review by major venues or by law.

Simply call the operator on 119 and ask for a copy of your vaccination status to be sent by letter to the operator, and you will receive such a document by post up to five working days later.

If you’ve recently moved and haven’t updated, be sure to check what address your GP’s practice is before requesting a letter. This is important because the operator does not ask for these details over the phone, but simply sends the letter to the address given in your medical record.

If you need a letter in braille, large print, and other accessible formats, let the operator know before you end the call as she should be able to take this into account.

When the letter arrives, it should contain a barcode, your vaccine and where it was administered, and some of your personal information to confirm that the letter is an NHS Covid passport.

Remember that the service to receive any of these letters is free and the NHS will never ask you to pay for any of these letters.

So if you have a relative, loved one or friend without internet access, you can let them know how to get their free NHS Covid Pass without the need for a smartphone, tablet or computer.


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