Coronavirus ICU admissions spike in almost every age group and region

Coronavirus ICU admissions spike in almost every age group and region

Intensive care unit admissions have increased dramatically in almost every age group and region in the UK, according to government data released today.

At a press conference number 10 today (September 30th), the Chief Medical Officer of England, Professor Chris Whitty, described a “significant increase”.

But while he said the numbers are not currently a phase threatening capacity, the numbers are “definitely going in the wrong direction”.

Mr Whitty insisted that the NHS be “open to business” and urged people not to avoid medical care for non-Covid treatments.

Boris Johnson issued the 100th Live Press Conference on Downing Street for the latest on coronavirus pandemic and lockdown rules.

And the Prime Minister warned the government “will not hesitate” to take further action to stop the coronavirus from spreading across the UK.

He stressed that the benefits of local lockdowns “take time to prevail” and daily numbers show why the government’s plan is “so important”.

Johnson urged the country to follow the rules and download the NHS app, and also thanked those currently facing more stringent restrictions.

He said, “I know how difficult it is and was for these communities,” paying tribute to students who were quarantined in their first few weeks of study.

Today, the number of new infections has risen by more than 7,000 for the second day in a row.

Another 7,108 infections were registered in the past 24 hours, the second highest daily total since the pandemic began.

Another 71 deaths were reported for the second consecutive day, bringing the tragic death toll to 42,143.



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