Coronavirus live updates as Boris Johnson urges UK to work together

With the number of coronavirus cases rising to 1,617,327 and the UK death toll rising to 58,245, the government is urging people to stick to the rules throughout the holiday season.

Boris Johnson has said the nation was “almost out of captivity” when he struggled against the coronavirus – urging the British to work together and “kick out Covid”.

The prime minister wrote in the Mail on Sunday also warning of the disastrous consequences of planes scrapping as he faces growing unrest within his own party.

“We’re almost out of our captivity. We can see the sunlit highland pastures ahead of us. But if we try to jump over the fence now, we will just get tangled up in the last barbed wire, with disastrous consequences for the NHS, “he said.

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“So let’s do the job right. Let’s work together and use tiering, testing and vaccines to make 2021 the year we run away, take back control of our lives and reclaim all the things we love.” . “

As part of this, 99 percent of Britons are banned from calling the New Year in the pub with friends, with the government warning that there will be no exceptions to the strict restrictions.

Hit the pub or a house party to mark the arrival of 2021. The new guide for Christmas repeats, “Everyone must follow the rules wherever you can go.”

Westminster and the decentralized governments across the UK have agreed to allow temporary easing of restrictions between December 23rd and 27th to allow up to three households to mix.

As of Wednesday, all but a few hundred thousand people in England will be on Levels 2 or 3 and will ban shuffling doors when the national lockdown ends.

These measures must be observed in the last days of December and by January 1st.


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