Coronavirus-postponed Tokyo Olympics could be held before the summer of 2021

A day after announcing the postponement of the 2020 Summer Olympics, the head of the International Olympic Committee proposed to move the match sometime before the summer of 2021.

Speaking to hundreds of reporters in a conference call on Wednesday, IOC President Thomas Bach said that a newly formed task force will face the “huge puzzle” to set a new date amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

“That means this task force can look at the wider picture,” he said. “This is not limited to the summer months. All options are on the table. ‘

Representatives from the IOC and the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee work in a group called “Here We Go” and hold their first meeting on Thursday. They will focus on creating an open space in an already busy sports calendar for 2021.

Bach noted that the international federations that master every sport should be willing to cooperate, which could include shifting previously planned world championships and other major events.

“I think there is a need to make sacrifices for these postponed Olympics, and to compromise by all stakeholders,” he said. “We need to find the best possible solution under the conditions in which we live.”

The task force does not have a timeline, but hopes to reach a decision as soon as possible. Bach expanded his analogy to the puzzle, saying, “If you take out a piece, the whole puzzle will be destroyed. Everything has to come together and everything is important. ”

Before this week’s decision, the IOC had insisted on continuing to hold the Games in late July. When asked to criticize this position, Bach quoted President Trump and other world leaders in his statement to wait for a possible outbreak of the outbreak.

“In recent weeks, many governments’ measures have been limited to mid-April, some in early May,” he said. “You may have seen President Trump’s latest statements in the United States about the prospect of mid-April that they can lift many restrictions.”

The IOC President has also released the rescheduled Olympics, whenever they are allowed to be held, as a possible return to normal.

“These Olympics and the Olympic flame may be a light at the end of this very dark tunnel that humanity is currently going through,” he said.

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