Coronavirus: Russia plans a mass vaccination campaign in October

Russia vaccination Russian media quoted Mikhail Murashko as stating that physicians and teachers would be the first to get the vaccine.

Reuters, citing anonymous sources, said Russia’s primary possible vaccine would be accepted by regulators this month.

However, some experts are concerned about Russia’s fast-track approach.

On Fridaythe leading infectious disease expert in america

Dr. Anthony Fauci, said he hoped that Russia – and China – were”actually analyzing the embryo” before administering them to anyone.Russia vaccination

Dr. Fauci has stated that the US should have a”safe and effective” vaccine from the end of this season.Russia vaccination

“I don’t feel that there will be vaccines

so far before us that we will need to rely on other countries to get us vaccines,” he told US lawmakers

Mr. Murashko, quoted by Interfax news agency, said that the Gamaleya Institute

, a research facility in Moscow, had completed clinical trials of a vaccine.

This paperwork was being prepared to enroll it.Russia vaccination

“We plan wider vaccinations for October,” he stated, adding that physicians and teachers would be the first to receive it.

Last month, Russian scientists said that early-stage trials of an adenovirus-

vaccine developed by the Gamaleya Institute had been completed and that the results were a success.

Last month the UK, US, and Canada security services said a Russian hacking group had targeted numerous organizations involved with Covid-19

vaccine development, together with the likely intention of concealing information.



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