Coronavirus spread: Over 600 cases in India, Delhi doctor tests positive

The total number of coronavirus cases in India rose to 606 on Wednesday as authorities stepped up their preparations to fight the pandemic with a chain of hospitals from army munitions factories and central paramilitary forces affecting more than 2,000 isolation and treatment beds for people affected by COVID. 19.

In addition, the Hamirpur district administration in Himachal Pradesh has taken over the ten hostels with 2,000 rooms from the National Institute of Technology (NIT) for the creation of an isolation center, an official in Shimla said. .

A 2,200-bed public hospital in Kolkata stopped admitting new patients with other illnesses and discharged patients whose condition had improved as part of efforts to create a dedicated isolation center, said another official in Kolkata.

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Addressing residents of his constituency in Varanasi via video link, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reiterated that social estrangement and staying indoors were the only way and the best option for fighting coronavirus.

“About a lakh of people infected with a coronavirus are recovering, this should also be emphasized,” he said.

“People should focus on the severity of this virus. This disease makes no distinction between the rich and the poor, “said the Prime Minister, one day after announcing a 21-day national lockdown in an attempt to stop the spread of coronavirus. The lockdown came into effect from midnight.

However, the count across India did not take into account a death reported on Wednesday by representatives of the state of Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh. The deaths were the first victims of viral infection for both states.

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An 85-year-old woman who was diagnosed with coronavirus died on Wednesday, said the Gujarat health department. This is the second death of COVID-19 in the state, he added.

“An 85-year-old female coronavirus patient died in Ahmedabad today. She had traveled abroad and after developing symptoms of COVID-19, she was admitted to the civilian hospital on March 22, “the department said in a tweet.

A 65-year-old woman died of coronavirus at a public hospital in Indore, becoming the first case of death from COVID-19 in Madhya Pradesh, officials said.

The woman, who had no history of overseas travel in recent times, was from neighboring Ujjain and was undergoing treatment at the government-run M Y hospital in Indore.

A 54-year-old man infected with coronavirus died on Wednesday morning in Madurai hospital, the first death of Tamil Nadu due to the disease, said Health Minister C Vijayabaskar.

The man had a medical history of prolonged illness with uncontrolled diabetes, he added.


* Delhi reports five new cases in 24 hours, the number of cases increases to 35

* Tamil Nadu reports three new cases; the count goes up to 28

* Madhya Pradesh reports six new cases; total rises to 15. Bhopal reporter among new patients

* Chandigarh: two other positive tests; now count to 3

* Uttar Pradesh: a more positive test, the number increases to 38

* Gujarat: cases COVID-19 to 39; more than one CR monitored as part of a monitoring program

* Rajasthan: six new cases, the total rises to 38

* Telangana: the number of cases increases to 41

* Mizoram: a 50-year-old man is positive; 2nd case in the northeast

* Karnataka: ten other cases, the total amounts to 51

* Punjab: two other positive tests, the total number of cases is 31

* Cashmere: four other positive tests, bringing the number of cases to 11

* Andhra Pradesh reports two other positive cases

* The government of Gujarat will provide free food to six million poor families

* HC orders MEA to provide security for Indian students stranded in Kazakhstan

* No delivery of newspapers in Mumbai until March 31

* Suspension of rail services will be extended until April 14


* Iran announces 143 new deaths, the death toll exceeds 2,000

* The United States reports more than 60,000 cases, 827 deaths

* Coronavirus cases in Russia reach 658 after highest daily increase

* Spain exceeds the balance of the Chinese virus with 3,434 deaths

* Pakistan suspends domestic flights as 1,000 cases are cleared

* Coronavirus cases in South Africa increase sharply to 709

* Libya reports its first case

* Microsoft will emerge from the COVID-19 crisis “fairly strong”: Satya Nadella

* Coronavirus toll rises to five in Bangladesh, no new cases of infection in 24 hours

* Palestinians report first death

* Nepal reports third positive case


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