Coronavirus vaccine to be offered to over 40s in text message from today

People aged 40 and over in England will receive texts from tomorrow asking them to book their Covid 19 vaccinations, the NHS officials have announced.

NHS England announced that starting today (Friday April 30th) text messages will be sent to 40 and 41 year olds to schedule their vaccination appointments.

The text invitations are displayed as a warning from “NHSvaccine” and include a link to the NHS website to reserve an appointment at a vaccination center or pharmacy.

But those unable to book an appointment online can instead call the national booking service on 119 to book their jab.

Professor Stephen Powis, Medical Director of the NHS in England, urged people who had received a text message to book their invitation.

He said: “The rapid roll-out of the NHS vaccination program, the fastest in Europe, is based on months of careful planning and hard work by nurses, doctors and countless other staff, supported by our volunteers.

“When you receive text inviting you to take your stab, please follow the instructions and book – it is simple, effective and provides important protection against the virus.”

The latest figures from NHS England show that nearly two-thirds of the adult population have received their coronavirus shocks – more than 28.5 million people in England.

The data released on Thursday also showed that nearly 12 million people had received their second dose, leaving them fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

Sir Simon Stevens, CEO of NHS England, said: “After nine tenths of those over 45 were stung, nearly three quarters of a million new appointments were made in just two days when our booking service opened to those ages 42 to 44 .

“As the second dose is also progressing rapidly, we are now ready to invite everyone over 40 to take part in the most successful vaccination campaign in the history of healthcare.”

Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who received his first coronavirus vaccination at London’s Science Museum on Thursday, said: “The UK vaccination program has been a phenomenal success to date, with more than 47 million doses administered and one of the highest intake rates in the world.

“Building on these excellent advances, we are now opening vaccinations to 40- and 41-year-olds.

“I got my push yesterday and I urge everyone in these age groups to book a push as soon as possible to protect yourself and your loved ones from this terrible disease.”


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