Corsair Has A 500mm ‘Fan’ For Computers With RGB

pirate: Last Thursday (21st), a curious one pirate product attracted the attention of social networks and had repercussions after a publication on the Gamers Nexus channel on YouTube. New is the 500 mm “fan” for computers that, in addition to a peculiar size, also has RGB lighting to complete the picture.

Of course, the model is a joke of the company and therefore also a worldwide unique edition. Dubbed “LL 500mm RGB,” the “fan” requires a 10W power supply to operate, delivering a maximum of 290 revolutions per minute at best, according to Gamer Nexus ratings.

While the channel’s experts tested the model’s effectiveness, the results probably didn’t surprise the public. The benefits provided by Corsair’s “fan” are equivalent to traditional models used for home cooling, reducing the CPU temperature by 21%, reaching 48°C with this solution.

In comparison, just removing the side shield from the case and keeping the common fans turned off resulted in an average temperature of 61°C – so the nearly 13°C drop provided by the model is still welcome, albeit inefficient. Watch the video in full, in English:

The performance, while not surprising, did not live up to expectations even for the “invention”. As the channel experts explain, the model’s problem can be explained by the lack of power in the motors – which had to be repaired even before the tests started. This feature, added to the extravagant format, helps to conclude that the “LL 500 mm RGB” is conceived as a visual joke, without many functional pretensions.

When revealed by pirate, in August of this year, the model was used as a satire for the “bigger is better” mindset. By exaggeration, the company has proven that the size of the fan should not be the primary concern of users looking for the best possible performance.

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