Could you be a truck or bus driver? See if you could pass this HGV theory test

There is a huge shortage of truck drivers and more is being done to get people to drive, according to the Road Haulage Association.

There is a 100,000 driver shortage in the UK, according to the RHA, with some claiming it will affect our Christmas dinner and other merchandise.

However, the shortage of truck drivers is being felt around the world, and now the government has announced plans to reform ongoing training and test drivers.

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But if you’ve ever thought about becoming a truck driver, could you pass the theory test? We’ve answered 10 theory test questions you will likely be asked on your theory test if you want to drive a truck.

No cheating!

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5. You are driving on an expressway and you intend to overtake the vehicle in front. What to do if a car behind you approaches quickly in the right lane?


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