Council Tax rise a 'kick in the teeth' for millions of families

For millions of families, sky-high Council tax charges of more than £ 2,000 could be on the way in April.

Critics have described the expected increase in Band D homes in more than a quarter of the districts as a “kick in the teeth” for poor households, reports the Daily star.

The government is giving local authorities the option to increase their bills by up to five percent to cover rising social welfare costs, while law enforcement can add an additional £ 15.

A further 59 districts would charge more than £ 2,000 if the tax rate increased in line with last year’s four percent increase in tax rates.

That would mean a total of 95 districts – more than a quarter – issue Band D bills for £ 2,000.

Harry Fone of the TaxPayers’ Alliance said, “These sky-high bills will feel like a kick in the teeth to taxpayers.

“The pandemic has destroyed the finances of many households – the last thing they need is an even bigger tax burden on the community.

“Local authorities need to eradicate wasteful spending, make savings and stop these huge hikes.”

Steve Reed, secretary of the shadow communities, says the government is choosing to “beat up” hard-working families.


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