Counter-terror police carrying out 'significant review' of security at MP surgeries and Westminster

After the murder of Sir David Amess, the counterterrorism police contacted every MP with an offer to review their security arrangements

A “significant review” of MPs’ security is currently underway, according to Deputy Commissioner Matt Jukes, chief of the counter-terrorism police. This involves taking precautions wherever MPs come into contact with the public, including in constituency offices and in Westminster.

Conservative MP Sir David was stabbed to death in his constituency operation in Essex in October. The police rated this as a terrorist incident.

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The UK threat level has been raised to Serious, which means that following an explosion outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital on Memorial Sunday, further terrorist incidents are considered very likely.

Mr Jukes, Deputy Commissioner for the London Metropolitan Police Service, is the National Counter-Terrorism Director and works with the 43 Police Forces of England and Wales and the Police Services of Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Speaking to journalists from regional news organizations, he said an “important line of investigation” for police and security services is the potential for further threats to MPs. He said: “We have now been able to contact all Members of the UK Parliament and offer the opportunity to check their individual safety.

“We know that Members of Parliament are occasionally exposed to harassment and threats on the Internet, that they have frequent contact with citizens in and around Parliament and, of course, that they also perform their democratic tasks in their constituencies, especially in their operations.

“Now a major review is underway to make sure we have the right resources in each of these places – a partnership between Parliament’s own security team, the Home Office and the counter-terrorism police, and actual local forces to ensure that every MP has the Opportunity to check your safety with us. “

Mr Jukes added: “Following the tragic death of Sir David Amess, an important issue for us, in collaboration with security service partners, is of course to understand whether there are special or major threats to MPs.”

He warned that Christmas events where large crowds gather were potential terrorist targets and urged people to be vigilant and to contact the police if they discover anything unusual.

“We have no information that directs us to specific locations or specific types of venues. What we do know is that the places where people congregate in large numbers, be it within venues or increasingly outside of public spaces, are both have been the target of terrorism lately. ” Years.”

He added, “Although I would absolutely say that people should get on with their lives and enjoy this upcoming festive season, people can also go a long way by being vigilant, lifting the phone to 999, lifting the phone to the anti Terrorist hotline, and of course we all hope for a happy and peaceful holiday. “

The counterterrorism police are dealing with 800 live inquiries, he said.

“We’re at a point where we’re entering a festive time, the first that could feel more normal for a couple of years, at a time where we’re doing 800 live counter-terrorism investigations the start of the lockdown, and tragically we saw the murder of Sir David Amess MP and we saw the very disturbing events in Liverpool.

“So it is a time when we really focus on the fight against terrorism. But also a time when we, as always, reach out to the public and ask them to be vigilant.”

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