Couple get wed on eve of lockdown after groom's Covid recovery

A loving couple refused to allow the pandemic to rearrange their wedding for the second time and tied the knot a few hours before the lockdown was announced.

Jonathan Gill-Moss – known as a “miracle man” by his doctor after being beyond the chance of waking up from a month-long coronavirus coma – and partner Rosie Gill-Moss were due to get married on Wednesday.

But on Monday afternoon the registry office called her with the message that Boris Johnson was to announce a new lockdown that evening.

“You said if you come here within an hour we can marry you today,” Gill-Moss told the PA news agency.

He was in the mail and his bride-to-be was still in her sportswear after the workout, but they acted quickly and got to the venue in time to tie the knot in a small but poignant ceremony.

The couple met through a support group for young widows after both lost their partners in 2018.

They now live in West Malling, Kent, and have four children between them.

But the result could have been so much different.

In March 2020, Gill-Moss had to be hospitalized and intubated with Covid-19.

He said to PA, “The last thing I remember is the nurse looking at me, making me count back and fast forwarding a month later, I had gone through all kinds of hallucinations.”

Doctors had instructed Ms. Gill-Moss to prepare for the worst, with Mr. Gill-Moss suffering from double pneumonia, sepsis and organ failure.

“Nobody, including the doctors and nurses, expected me to get through,” he said.

“She bought a voice recorder and recorded a message from herself and the children and some of our favorite songs.

“(The staff) came and played it on my ear while I was in a coma, and it was pretty much the next day when I turned the corner.”

Shortly after he woke up, the couple were reunited via FaceTime and Mr Gill-Moss managed to ask the question despite having a trache in his throat.

Speaking to PA, Ms. Gill-Moss said that his time in a coma was one of the worst times in her life and that she felt “euphoria” when she heard that his condition had improved.

As 2020 came to an end, the two were keen to get married and end the year at a high point.

“We really wanted to get married at the end of the year, we wanted to put two fingers on it and get married, but this virus had other plans.”

They were forced to postpone their plans when Kent went into Tier 4 and was due to get married on Wednesday that week, but found themselves in almost the same situation.

Fortunately, they were able to get married in time in a quiet ceremony with only two witnesses and others joining the video.


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