Couple killed in 'hit and run' after sharing heartbreaking baby scan photo

A pregnant woman and her partner proudly showed an ultrasound of their unborn child just weeks before they were tragically killed in a reported hit.

Kate Leadbetter was pregnant with her partner Matty Field’s child when they were both killed while walking their dogs.

Ms. Leadbetter’s sister, Kimberley, reportedly shared a photo of the couple and their ultrasound on Facebook to help find the then-missing dog, Frankie, their beloved pet, who was later found.

The tragic couple are said to have been at an intersection when they were hit by an allegedly stolen land cruiser that police said slammed into a truck at high speed and rolled.

ABC News reports that a 17-year-old boy has now been charged with two murders after the two pedestrians were hit and killed while walking their dogs in Alexandra Hills, east of Brisbane, Australia.

The teen is accused of “being affected by an intoxicating substance” when he met pregnant Katherine Leadbetter and her partner Matthew Field as they were crossing an intersection just before 5:30 pm yesterday.

Police reportedly said the teenager stole a four-wheel drive from a nearby home about an hour before the crash.

He is then said to have deliberately collided with a car on the corner of Vienna and Finucane streets before spinning off.

Fifteen minutes later, he is said to have returned to the same intersection, given a red light, crashed into an oncoming truck and then rolled onto Ms. Leaderbetter (31) and Mr. Field (37).

The Toyota LandCruiser that the teenager allegedly drove was damaged at the scene of the accident around 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday

They died on the scene and the teen is believed to have run away before being later arrested by police.

ABC News reports that Deputy Commissioner Brian Codd said it was a disastrous scene as witnesses were working on the couple before paramedics arrived.

He said, “Tragically, on the advice of the family and the Queensland Ambulance Service, we understand that Katherine was pregnant.

“At this point we are waiting for the pregnancy to be confirmed; there are provisions in the criminal code regarding the killing of unborn children.

“Here are two people innocently going about their business and walking their dogs on Australia Day. They should be allowed to do so, and having them pulled out of their families is a tragedy.”

A Queensland Ambulance Service spokesman said 10 crews, including paramedics and a medical director, responded to the incident and six people were treated on-site by paramedics for shock and minor injuries.

The teenager, who was also hospitalized for minor injuries, is reportedly on trial in Brisbane Children’s Court, including two murders, dangerous driving and burglary.


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