Couple spend lockdown transforming home into a candy-themed light show

A Christmassy couple spent their lockdown transforming their home into a brilliant candy-themed parade of lights in time for the holiday season.

Great grandfather May Proctor, 70, and husband Rod, 72, worked for hours every day to magically transform their property into a light parade to celebrate the “magic of Christmas”.

The festive couple has been decorating Santa’s grotto in their grandchildren’s school for years – but unfortunately these plans have been canceled due to Covid.

But the joyful couple was not deterred by the setback and decided to do their utmost with this year’s decoration.

Her street in Leeds, West Yorkshire, has now been renamed Candy Lane and features thousands of magical Christmas lights and a candy store for children.

Their home is now filled with bright colors and dazzling lights – which they hope will improve people’s spirits during the Christmas month.

The 21-year-old grandmother said she spent a few hours every day making her Christmas creations – including solid styrofoam candy canes, gingerbread men, snowmen, and nutcrackers – for more than a month.

But said it was all worth seeing the smiles on the children’s faces when they come by who she says have “been through enough”.

Couple spend lockdown transforming home into a candy-themed light show 1

May of Garforth, near Leeds, said: “We wanted to bring the magic of Christmas because it’s so important.

“To see people smile means to see the world and to see all the children look so happy, it was an overwhelming feeling.

“For me it’s a love job and we’ve been working on all the decorations for about a month.

“The shop lights up – it’s just beautiful.

“I come from a large family and we were very poor. When Christmas came it was an amazing time that we have always cherished.

“I wanted to do something nice for the kids because we all had a tough year, but it was incredibly tough for the kids too.

Couple spend lockdown transforming home into a candy-themed light show 2

“We know kids love a candy store, so we thought we’d make one on our street and turn it into a real candy lane for everyone to enjoy.

“It’s magical for the kids who’ve really been through enough.”

The couple got isolated at home due to the pandemic and wanted to use their time productively while locked up.

May turned her greenhouse in the back of her garden into a craft room, where she carefully worked on her eye-catching decorations.

She made everything herself, with the help of her husband Rod, including the massive door and window and the hundreds of massive styrofoam candy canes.

She said, “I have a greenhouse in the back and turned it into my own den.

“Everything we made ourselves. The door and window are made of PVC glass and wood.

“And I think people really appreciate that we did everything ourselves.

“Hundreds of neighbors have come to see the house because it looks so bright and cheerful – people really seem to love it.

“When I saw everyone’s reaction, it was all worth it and I felt very warm inside.”


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