Couple suspected of 'crushing baby to death after drunkenly lying on him in bed'

A couple are being investigated on suspicion that they crushed their four-month-old baby to death after going to bed drunk and lying on top of him.

Police are investigating the couple on suspicion of manslaughter following the tragedy at their home in Alhama de Murcia, southeastern Spain.

Local reports said they tested positive for alcohol after officials arrived at the property and saw that they were under the effects of beverages or drugs.

They reportedly admitted climbing into the bed their baby slept in after heavy alcohol consumption in the early hours of Friday morning.

The couple dialed 999 after waking up and spotting the lifeless person in bed next to them, it is said.

Forensic scientists have now been hired to confirm whether the baby was crushed when the couple went to bed and lay down on him.

The couple is said to have four other children between them.

The nameless mother, believed to be from Bolivia, reportedly lost another child when she was only 19 years old and still living in South America, in circumstances that have not yet been disclosed.

A relative is understood to mean that he or she looks after the other young people while the parents are interviewed.

They have not yet been formally arrested, although an examining magistrate has been put in charge of an ongoing investigation.

According to a local report, the baby had visible signs of bruising and an autopsy result is expected to determine if his parents are detained as part of the investigation.

Another said local police had received several complaints from neighbors in the past about loud music from the property on a street called Valle de Leiva in Alhama de Murcia.

Alhama de Murcia is a city and municipality in the Murcia region. The population is just under 20,000.


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