Couple's Halloween display was so creepy police told them to 'tone it down'

A Halloween display in front of a house was so scary that the police were called.

Jo Flower, 37, and her husband Rob, 48, were asked by police to “soften it up” after decorating their home for October 31st.

The couple regularly transform the facade of their Rothley home to mark specific days on the calendar, including Christmas, Easter, and Halloween. Leicester Live Report.

They say they have never had problems in the past.

At night, the display glows, transforming the facade of your home into the entrance of a haunted house, complete with inflatable ghosts, vampires, and wooden planks in front of the windows.

Jo said, “We do it every year except last year and we never have any problems.

“We got great feedback this year Children come to visit to get sweets and kindergartens have come to take photos.

“We have nephews and nieces who love it too.”

Jo and Rob weren’t home when the police first visited the haunted house, but a few days later when Rob was outside to add more props, the officers reappeared.

“The officers said they received an anonymous tip and asked us to remove it, but it’s in our own front yard,” said Jo.

After going missing last year, Jo said that some of her neighbors asked when the ad would be next.

“I don’t know why it should be a problem, but the police said one of the headless mannequins could offend.”

The Halloween exhibit is part of a long family tradition, but this year Jo and Rob decided to raise money for cancer research on the side.

Earlier this year, Jo was confronted with the alarming news that he had precancerous cells in her uterus and had undergone a hysterectomy just two weeks ago.

The mother of two said she was “fine” despite the recent surgery and gave the “all clear” on Friday, October 29th.

Unfortunately, her mother died of cancer in 2018.

“We decided that this year we would raise money for cancer research and raise some awareness,” said Jo.

A donation page created by Jo and Rob has raised over £ 200 to date.

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