Couple's kindness stops young family getting parking fine

A Liverpool couple stepped in to prevent a family from getting a parking ticket on a local beach.

Helen Frost and her husband Paul were out walking their dog on Crosby Beach one Sunday afternoon.

They were sitting on a park bench just outside the beach area when they spotted a park attendant walking toward a car that had no ticket. the Liverpool Echo reports.

Helen, 50, says, “We went with the dog and the tide was just right so we couldn’t walk on the beach.

“So we decided to go into the grass and go through a gap where the car was and sit on a bench.

“I saw the parking attendant walking down the street and we made the same comments to each other as you did – ‘Can’t you rest on a Sunday?’ something like that.

“He stopped by the car and they hadn’t issued a ticket. He started taking all the photos and started writing.

“What really impressed us was that we had just passed the car to sit on the bench and there were two child seats in the back.

“I thought if they have young children they really don’t want to get a big parking fee.

“I said to Paul, do you have some change and he said, ‘I have, should I go get a ticket?’

“The parking attendant was there for about five minutes and I said before he printed the ticket for Paul to ask him.”

After taking a risk, truck driver Paul approached the guard and asked if he could stop the family from being fined if he bought them a ticket.

Helen said, “He was great, he said to Paul – ‘go ahead, if you go and get a ticket for her I won’t print it.’ He was very nice. “

After posting on Facebook about their good deed, over 500 people liked the post and praised the couple for their thoughtful gesture.

Jacqui Whitelock wrote, “Well done Paul Frost, you are so thoughtful x”.

Michael JM said, “I saw that today! I was wondering what happened. Good man.”

While Nicola Ibison commented, “It’s a really nice gesture. I’ll remember it and do it for someone else in the future. I just wouldn’t have thought of it before!”

Hundreds of other people commented on the couple’s casual act of kindness.

Helen said people’s reaction also helped lift the spirits of her husband, who was in a car accident last week.

She said, “It’s nice for him. He had the worst week last week because the car he loved was written off when a car hit his back – so it’s a nice piece of karma too.”


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