Covid-19 affects hearts of even those without any cardiac condition: Study

According to a review of studies, coronavirus can cause heart damage even in patients without an underlying heart condition and have fatal consequences for people with cardiovascular disease.

Experts know that viral diseases such as coronavirus (Covid-19) can cause respiratory infections that can lead to lung damage and even death in severe cases.

However, the effects on the cardiovascular system are less known, according to the researchers.

“It is likely that even in the absence of previous heart disease, the heart muscle can be affected by coronavirus disease,” said Mohammad Madjid, assistant professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston (UTHealth) in the United States. United.

“Overall, injury to the heart muscle can occur in any patient with or without heart disease, but the risk is higher in those who already have heart disease,” said Madjid, lead author of the study published in JAMA Cardiology.

The team explained that research on previous epidemics of coronavirus and influenza suggests that viral infections can cause acute coronary syndromes, arrhythmias, and the development or worsening of heart failure.

In a clinical bulletin published by the American College of Cardiology, it was revealed that the case fatality rate of COVID-19 for patients with cardiovascular disease was 10.5%, according to the researchers.

The data also indicate a greater likelihood that people over the age of 65 with coronary artery disease or high blood pressure will contract the disease, as well as more severe symptoms that will require critical care, they said.

According to the study, the critical cases are those which have reported respiratory failure, septic shock and dysfunction or failure of several organs leading to death.

“It is reasonable to expect that significant cardiovascular complications related to COVID-19 will occur in patients with severe symptoms due to the strong inflammatory response associated with this disease,” said Madjid.


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