Covid-19 Factoid: France and Iran face similar fight, Germany stands out

The number of Covid-19 positive cases in India is 1,071, and worldwide the count has exceeded 735,000. The United States has recorded more than 20,000 cases in one day, bringing the figure more than 140,000. The United States is followed by Italy, just under 100,000 cases. Spain has overtaken China to become the third country most affected by coronavirus, according to the number of cases recorded.

On average, around 20 cases are recorded and at least two people die almost every minute from coronavirus worldwide. There is a rapid dissemination of information circulating around the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here are some data trends you need to know to be up to date.

# 1. A difficult period for France and Iran

France and Iran have recorded more than 40,000 cases of Covid-19 to date. While around 30,000 cases in France are still active, of which more than 12% of cases are in critical condition, the highest of all countries. Likewise, 8% of active cases in Iran are seriously ill. These two countries have so far had a higher death rate and may see more deaths in the coming days.

On the other hand, the United States, which has the highest number of cases tested positive for Covid-19, has a much lower share of critical cases, and its mortality rate is also low. Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom have a higher mortality rate, but few cases are in critical condition to date.

# 2. Germany stands out in Europe

Germany is currently in fifth place, just below China with more than 63,000 cases recorded. However, he has managed to reduce his mortality rate and also has a lower number of cases currently in critical condition. He currently has about 2,000 Covid-19 cases who are seriously ill, less than half of 4,632 critical cases in France, although he has far fewer Covid-19 positive cases than in Germany. Among the other European countries, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom have a much higher mortality rate than Germany at present.

# 3. Portugal: late epidemic, rapid spread

The first positive case of COVID-19 was not registered in Portugal until March 1, 2020. Since then, the impact in Portugal has increased at an accelerated rate. Portugal has already recorded more than 6,400 cases to date. The country is not only struggling with the rapid increase in positive cases for Covid-19, but the recovery rate is also very low. Out of 100 Covid-19 cases that are closed in Portugal, only 27 people manage to recover from the deadly virus while the rest die.

The number of Covid-19 cases for other countries that experienced a subsequent outbreak around the first week of March currently stands at – Turkey (9,217), Chile (2,139), Poland (1,905) and South Africa. South (1,280).

# 4. A Covid-19 positive case for 17,000 inhabitants in Kasargod

The Kasargod district of Kerala, on the border with Karnataka, is experiencing a strong increase in cases positive for Covid-19. So far, 78 cases have been recorded in the district, the highest number in a single district after Mumbai (81 cases). However, unlike Mumbai, Kasargod is a sparsely populated area with only 300,000 inhabitants. The total number of confirmed cases in Kerala currently stands at 194.


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