Covid jabs up by 511,497 in past 24 hours with England total topping 33 million

Another half a million covid shocks have been administered in the past 24 hours, with England’s vaccine rollout totaling 33 million.

Since December 8, a total of 33,248,869 Covid-19 vaccinations have been given in England, including the first and second dose, according to the NHS, an increase from 511,497 the previous day.

According to NHS England, 27,070,991 was the first dose of a vaccine, an increase from 74,055 the previous day, while 6,177,878 was a second dose, an increase of 437,442.

The data shows that 5,263,799 first doses and 1,070,174 second doses were given to people in the wider Midlands region for a total of 6,333,973.

This compares to 4,047,546 shocks given to humans between December 8th and April 10th in London, including 3,296,920 first doses and 750,626 second doses.

The distribution for the other regions is:

– East of England: 3,235,736 first cans and 757,963 second cans for a total of 3,993,699
– North East and Yorkshire: 4,283,721 first and 1,059,214 second cans (5,342,935)
– Northwest: 3,452,484 first and 843,711 second cans (4,296,195)
– Southeast: 4,407,623 first and 1,001,998 second cans (5,409,621)
– Southwest: 2,988,118 first and 671,104 second cans (3,659,222)

Meanwhile, the chair of the Advisory Group on New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats has urged the government to exercise caution before the lockdown is significantly eased.

Professor Peter Horby told Times Radio: “The buzz phrase really needs to be caution.

“The modeling, which is pretty good now, shows that we can expect some kind of rebound. It’s not clear when or how big it will be, but I think there will inevitably be a small rebound in the number of cases in where things are relaxed.

“I think we can be happy and enjoy the freedoms, but we still have to realize that there are still large numbers of people who have not been infected or vaccinated and therefore they are at risk.”


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