Covid passport deal is close with EU set to recognise NHS app

The British government and the EU countries are approaching an agreement on the recognition of Covid passports, which increases the prospect of almost normal trips abroad – at least for fully vaccinated vacationers.

Negotiations at an advanced stage so that travelers from England and other home nations can use the NHS app as a Covid pass throughout the block – after Germany failed to convince other countries to impose strict quarantine regulations on British visitors.

However, restrictions on UK visitors traveling to the EU have been tightened, with Spain, Malta and Portugal this week requiring UK visitors to have a negative PCR test or be fully vaccinated.

Now, it seems, talks are underway about the mutual recognition of an NHS app and the EU’s green digital certificate. The apps contain a QR code that can be scanned to confirm the traveler’s vaccination status.

A European Commission spokesman said: “On a technical level, discussions are going on that are progressing well and are moving in the right direction. This is particularly due to the fact that the technical system architecture of the EU and the United Kingdom are coordinated.

“The talks are ongoing – I don’t have a specific timetable to announce. It is good that Britain is now working with us towards this goal. “

There remains a need to make travel and testing easier and less expensive.

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Rory Boland, editor of What? Travel Editor said the changes to entry requirements for British travelers “show how volatile international travel rules are now”.

He continued, “The cost of these changes will again be largely at the feet of consumers, many of whom will have to pay either to rebook their flight or vacation, or to test to get to their destination.

“Many vacationers who are going away this summer will soon have balances for their vacation, often for trips that were booked a few months ago. Vacation companies should be flexible about this and not force customers to pay for trips that are unlikely to take place.

“Booking trips is a significant risk right now, and those who book a trip should look for a good package tour provider with flexible booking policies that cover changes in traffic light status and entry requirements.”


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