Covid passports, pubs and holidays updates ahead of announcement

Boris Johnson will make plans for Covid Passports to allow safe return for large indoor gatherings and events. For the time being, however, these do not apply to pubs, restaurants and non-essential retail stores.

Officials are planning a number of trial events in the coming months to find a way how venues like soccer fields, cinemas, and nightclubs can reopen without the need for social distancing.

The prime minister, who will provide further details on Monday, said the government was doing “all we can” to allow mass events to return. It is reported to be a Covid status certification system.

However, government sources reportedly have the Daily telegraph Developing the plan, which will likely involve the use of an app, could take months instead of weeks.

The move comes after it was revealed that more than five million people in the UK have now received their second dose of the vaccine.

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Boris Johnson will make an announcement on Monday April 5th to further ease lockdown restrictions.

He is expected to outline the next steps out of England’s lockdown – including issues such as international travel – as well as Covid passports.

The government has already said that foreign holidays will not be allowed until May 17th at the earliest. It is reported that a traffic light system with red, amber and green ratings for countries could come into effect.

Unnecessary stores can reopen from April 12th. In his announcement on Monday, Mr Johnson is also expected to confirm whether pub beer gardens and hairdressers will also reopen that day.


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