Covid tester fired after offering woman negative result in exchange for a date

A Covid-19 tester was fired after offering to give a false negative result to a woman in exchange for her phone number and agreeing to schedule an appointment with him.

The nameless woman from Vienna had gone to the test center to get a Covid-19 antigen test.

When she was collecting her test results in the hall of Ferry-Dusika-Hallenstadion on March 15, a tester informed her that she had tested positive for the virus.

However, the man offered to give her a negative certificate in exchange for her number and a date.

The tester reportedly said to her, “Your test result is here. Your corona test is positive, but if you give me your phone number and go out with me, I will issue you a negative certificate.”

The woman immediately left and emailed a complaint to the center, whereupon the tester was dismissed.

His identity has not been revealed, but according to local media, he is an Austrian with Turkish heritage.

People stand in line in front of a vaccination and testing center in Schwaz, Austria

Spiegel asked the City of Vienna for a comment.

Austria has reported 504,581 cases and 8,982 deaths related to Covid since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

We previously reported that some travelers were using fake negative Covid-19 test certificates to board flights from the UK.

The rule breakers said they got on flights after handling someone else’s negative test emails and changing their name to their own.

They then simply printed it out and passed it on to the check-in staff at the UK airports.


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