Covid vaccine: 25 million people have now received first jab in England

According to NHS England, there were a total of 27,761,724 Covid-19 vaccinations between December 8 and March 26, including the first and second dose, an increase from 594,970 the previous day.

According to the NHS England, 25,284,013 was the first dose of a vaccine, an increase from 344,008 the previous day, while 2,477,711 was a second dose, an increase of 250,962.

Professor Stephen Powis, the NHS National Medical Director, told NHS England: “This is the latest major milestone that shows rapid and targeted progress in protecting people in England from coronavirus.

“Crossing the 25 million mark is a remarkable achievement for NHS workers across the country, who have encountered more than half of the adult population and continue to work carefully to identify the last remaining people in the highest priority groups who haven’t come across and pushing them to move on.

“As dosage supplies run out over the next month, anyone who has booked a second batch should get in touch. Our other top priority is to remind anyone who is 50 years old or older, or has an underlying health condition, that their first batch is available now and through April. “


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