Covid vaccine calculator predicts global pandemic won't end for another 7 years

Scientific calculations suggest that the world will fight the coronavirus pandemic for another seven years.

With the current vaccination rate, it is believed that up to 75 percent of people will be stung by 2028.

This suggests that it will take until then for the world’s population to reach some level of herd immunity – which should result in the suppression of the virus.

Bloombergs Vaccination calculator also shows that the United States could potentially achieve herd immunity as early as New Years Day 2022.

The UK is hoping to vaccinate every adult by the end of August this year and was one of the countries at the forefront of the jab rollout.

In the UK, around one in five adults, including those over 70 and those currently at risk, have had a sting.

Concerns have been raised about vaccine nationalism, however, and the World Health Organization has warned richer nations against hoarding supplies.

The U.S. reportedly vaccinated around 8.7 percent of the population and delivered 1.3 million thrusts a day.

It is currently believed that around 4.5 million vaccine doses are administered in the US, with an estimated 119.8 million vaccines being administered worldwide.

The UK is currently on track to vaccinate 15 million people by February 15. A leaked announcement on Downing Street, later confirmed by Health Secretary Matt Hancock, suggests vaccinations will be given every 50’s by May.

Around 15.7 percent of the UK population has received at least one dose of the various vaccines available.

It is estimated that the UK will achieve herd immunity before the end of the year

Current calculations suggest the UK will reach herd immunity before the end of 2021, with an estimated 438,421 vaccinations per day.

Despite the UK’s efforts to fight off the virus, Israel is well on its way to achieving herd immunity in just a few weeks – with over 58.5 percent of the population being vaccinated at a high rate of 135,778 injections daily.

Around 15 percent of the UK population has reportedly been vaccinated

While some fear the vaccines won’t withstand mutated variants of the virus, UK Vaccine Taskforce Chairman Clive Dix is ‚Äč‚Äčoptimistic that the vaccines on offer will be enough.

Nine vaccines are currently approved for use worldwide, including the Oxford vaccine, AstraZeneca, Johnson and Johnson, and Novavax.

On February 5, Mr Dix said on Sky News, “We’re starting to see some glimpse into support for the broadcast.

“If so, I see no reason why not all data will hopefully show up and we will see a brighter future.”

While studying and planning to address the variations in the mutants, he told the BBC, “We will build libraries of future vaccines, only small enough, to have a quick clinical trial if they do to see if it works and then start making it. “


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