Home World News Covid vaccine could come to UK by Easter with rollout 'months away'

Covid vaccine could come to UK by Easter with rollout 'months away'

Covid vaccine could come to UK by Easter with rollout 'months away'

The UK could be subject to a mass rollout of a coronavirus vaccine as the government plans faster action in the coming months.

Oxford-based scientists are hoping to have a vaccine ready by Easter and expect it to be ready for use next year.

It could be half a year before everyone got a vaccine, but according to government sources, they plan to make it faster. reports the mirror.

Rules will be put in place to allow a much larger group of health care workers to give the shocks and training will begin within weeks.

Drive-through vaccination centers are planned to cope with the enormous logistical challenge of supplying tens of millions of people with vaccines. The armed forces are also likely to be called in for help.

“We’ll see you six months closer and it will likely be a lot shorter,” a government source told The Times.

But other officials are more cautious. According to a report from the Royal Society, it could take up to a year for a dose of the vaccine to be successfully distributed to every adult in the UK.

They believe that while priority groups could be addressed, it would depend on the successful introduction and administration of the vaccine in the first few months.

It is likely that the elderly and vulnerable will be eligible for the sting first, which is critical to the removal of restrictions.

Young, healthy adults would be further down the list.

The drug, which is currently being developed at Oxford University with pharmaceutical company Astrazeneca, is the most advanced of the UK-supported vaccines.

Human trials have been going on since April, and scientists remain confident that these could be approved by the end of this year or early 2021.

If the UK’s 53 million adults were all vaccinated with two doses within six months, that would translate into 600,000 bursts a day. To do this in three months it would take 1.2 million a day to meet the government’s proposed Easter target.

The government has ordered 100 million doses of the Oxford vaccine to be made before it is found to be successful.

Nursing home residents and staff are believed to be the first to receive the vaccine, followed by those over 80 and NHS staff.

Then it is those over 65, followed by younger adults who are at high risk.

Then over 50 years would follow, with younger adults having to wait longer.

A vaccine could also mean that industries that are currently still closed under coronavirus regulations can finally reopen.

In late September, Skills Minister Gillian Keegan pointed out that places like nightclubs could stay closed until a successful vaccination is approved as some jobs do not match the coronavirus.

She admitted that “it’s hard to see nightclubs open until we have a long-term way to deal with coronavirus”.

As of November 1st, only “viable” jobs where someone can work at least a third of their working time will be supported – and employers will have to contribute 55% of a worker’s wages for only 33% of their working time.




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